Judge the book by the cover

Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self - Sanaya Roman, Elaine Ratner

Is it foolish to “judge a book by its cover” as the age-old adage cautions? This I contemplated after adding Spiritual Growth Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman to my Amazon shopping cart. Being totally entranced by the geometric shapes and psychedelic colours that donned the cover, my indecision only lasted for about a second before I checked out. Have you ever started reading a book about spirituality and became so flustered by its complex stylistic elements or sociolect that you never made it past page five? Spiritual Growth Being Your Higher Self is not that book. The consistent tone and syntax coupled with short chapters and sub-headings elicit seamless page flipping. A channelled work, Spiritual Growth Being Your Higher Self is equipped with practical techniques that readers should implement to achieve exactly this.


© Spiritual Growth BEING YOUR HIGHER SELF by Sanaya Roman (1989).

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